CpeZ family


CpeZ enhances the activity of CpeY. CpeYZ is involved in the attachment of PEB at Cys-82 alpha-PE (CpeA). CpeY alone, but not CpeZ can ligate PEB to CpeA, but with a reduced yield than CpeY and CpeZ together (Biswas et al., 2011). More recently Kronfel et al. (2019) showed that CpeZ acts as a chaperone-like protein, assisting in the folding/stability of PE subunits, allowing bilin lyases such as CpeY and CpeS to attach PEB to their PE subunit.


Gene Locus tag Genbank Species Strain PBP in rods Pigment type Remark Length Last change
CpeZ family sync_0500 YP_729727.1 Synechococcus sp. CC9311 PC+PEI+PEII 3dA/CA4-A N-term shortened (15aa removed by FP: LLLSPAKIVKSSSCV) 208 09-26-2011
CpeZ family Syncc9605_0430 YP_380761.1 Synechococcus sp. CC9605 PC+PEI+PEII 3c 212 09-26-2011
CpeZ family SH8109_0079 ZP_05789880.1 Synechococcus sp. WH8109 PC+PEI+PEII 3bB 212 09-26-2011
CpeZ family SYNW2012 NP_898103.1 Synechococcus sp. WH8102 PC+PEI+PEII 3c 206 09-26-2011
CpeZ family Syncc9902_1897 YP_377898.1 Synechococcus sp. CC9902 PC+PEI+PEII 3dA/CA4-A 209 09-26-2011
CpeZ family BL107_08936 ZP_01469890.1 Synechococcus sp. BL107 PC+PEI+PEII 3dA/CA4-A 209 09-26-2011
CpeZ family SynWH7803_0488 YP_001224211.1 Synechococcus sp. WH7803 PC+PEI+PEII 3a 205 09-26-2011
CpeZ family WH7805_06706 ZP_01123341.1 Synechococcus sp. WH7805 PC+PEI 2 209 09-26-2011
CpeZ family RS9916_40216 ZP_01473086.1 Synechococcus sp. RS9916 PC+PEI+PEII 3dA/CA4-A 209 09-26-2011
CpeZ family SynRCC307_2052 YP_001228308.1 Synechococcus sp. RCC307 PC+PEI+PEII 3eA 205 09-26-2011
CpeZ family SCB02_010100004363 ZP_07970142.1 Synechococcus sp. CB0205 PC+PEI 2 204 11-04-2011
CpeZ family S7335_2652 ZP_05036218.1 Synechococcus sp. PCC7335 PC+PEI CA3 209 09-26-2011
CpeZ family Syn8016DRAFT_2750 ZP_08957403.1 Synechococcus sp. WH8016 PC+PEI+PEII 3aA 204 11-04-2011
CpeZ family NATL1_03871 YP_001014216.1 Prochlorococcus marinus NATL1A PEIII high b/a 198 09-26-2011
CpeZ family PMN2A_1673 YP_292864.1 Prochlorococcus marinus NATL2A PEIII high b/a 198 09-26-2011
CpeZ family Pro0339 NP_874733.1 Prochlorococcus marinus SS120 (CCMP1375) PEIII high b/a A block is missing in protomata 202 09-26-2011
CpeZ family P9211_03341 YP_001550219.1 Prochlorococcus marinus MIT9211 PEIII High b/a A block is missing in protomata 200 09-26-2011
CpeZ family P9303_22361 YP_001018236.1 Prochlorococcus sp. MIT9303 PEIII high b/a 210 09-26-2011
CpeZ family PMT1681 NP_895508.1 Prochlorococcus sp. MIT9313 PEIII high b/a 211 09-26-2011
CpeZ family CwatDRAFT_5981 ZP_00514214.1 Crocosphaera watsonii WH8501 PC+PEI 204 09-26-2011
CpeZ family PCC7424_5730 YP_002381025.1 Cyanothece sp. PCC7424 PC+PEI 2 201 09-26-2011
CpeZ family PCC8801_4513 YP_002364791.1 Cyanothece sp. PCC8801 PC+PEI 2 208 09-26-2011
CpeZ family Cyan7822_4046 YP_003889246.1 Cyanothece sp. PCC7822 PC+PEI 2 201 09-26-2011
CpeZ family gi|47606673|gb|AAT36319.1| AAT36319.1 Fremyella diplosiphon (Tolypothrix sp. / Calothrix sp.) Fd33 (UTEX481/PCC7601) PC+PEI CA3 205 09-26-2011
CpeZ family gvip157 NP_924133.1 Gloeobacter violaceus PCC7421 PC+PEI 2 204 11-24-2011
CpeZ family GL6909_3531 Gloeothece sp. PCC6909/1 PC+PEI 2 204 06-06-2011
CpeZ family Npun_R3805 YP_001867132.1 Nostoc punctiforme ATCC29133 (PCC73102) PC+PEI 2 202 09-26-2011
CpeZ family Tery_0995 YP_720846.1 Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101 PC+PEI lower blastp hit on >Tery_0980 203 09-26-2011
CpeZ family Tery_0980 YP_720834.1 Trichodesmium erythraeum IMS101 PC+PEI Blastp hit on cpeZ (but lower than >Tery_0995) 219 09-26-2011
CpeZ family LYNGBM3L_56070 ZP_08427728.1 Lyngbya majuscula 3L PC+PEI 2 220 10-19-2011
CpeZ family CAJ73184.1| CAJ73184.1 Guillardia theta CCMP2712 Cr-PE 545 n.a. Low protoscan score 229 10-28-2011
CpeZ family CwatDRAFT_0406 ZP_00518848.1 Crocosphaera watsonii WH8501 PC+PEI Low score, similar to Tery_0980 (IMS101) 219 12-02-2011
CpeZ family CWATWH0003_0668 EHJ14660.1 Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 PC+PEI 204 02-22-2012
CpeZ family CWATWH0003_5315a1 EHJ09924.1 Crocosphaera watsonii WH0003 PC+PEI Incomplete, 2nd copy? 186 02-22-2012
CpeZ family MICAI_2660036 ZP_10228479.1 Microcystis sp. T1-4 PC+PEI 2 203 08-22-2012
CpeZ family SynWH8020_cpeZ AAA27336.1 Synechococcus sp. WH8020 PC+PEI+PEII 3dA/CA4-A N-term extended (22 aa added) 208 08-27-2012
CpeZ family Mic7113_4747 YP_007123826.1 Microcoleus sp. PCC7113 PC+PEI 2 204 04-23-2013
CpeZ family Ple7327_1946 YP_007080845.1 Pleurocapsa sp. PCC7327 PC+PEI 202 04-23-2013
CpeZ family Osc7112_1034 YP_007114008.1 Oscillatoria nigro-viridis PCC7112 PC+PEI 2 204 04-23-2013
CpeZ family GLO73106DRAFT_00012690 ZP_21051605.1 Gloeocapsa sp. PCC73106 PC+PEI 204 04-23-2013
CpeZ family Pse7367_3889 YP_007083546.1 Pseudanabaena sp. PCC7367 PC+PEI 206 04-23-2013
CpeZ family Lepto7376_1198 YP_007070389.1 Leptolyngbya sp. PCC7376 PC+PEI 202 04-23-2013
CpeZ family Xen7305DRAFT_00032340 ZP_21054999.1 Xenococcus sp. PCC7305 PC+PEI 209 04-23-2013
CpeZ family Sta7437_3350 YP_007133822.1 Stanieria cyanosphaera PCC7437 PC+PEI 202 04-29-2013
CpeZ family Cha6605_4052 YP_007098535.1 Chamaesiphon minutus PCC6605 PC+PEI 204 04-29-2013
CpeZ family Cal6303_1006 YP_007136043.1 Calothrix sp. PCC6303 PC+PEI 2 202 04-29-2013
CpeZ family Osc10802DRAFT_5371 Oscillatoria sp. PCC10802 PC+PEI This sequence has a long N-term which has similarity to C-term end of CpeC (possible sequencing/assembly error) 281 07-02-2013
CpeZ family ZP_18907654 ZP_18907654.1 Leptolyngbya sp. PCC7375 PC+PEI 2 205 06-20-2013

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