MIT9303 strain


  • Prokarya
    • Cyanobacteria
      • Chroococcales
        • Prochlorococcus
          • sp.

Strain information

Subcluster: Pro

Clade/Ecotype: LLIV

Subclade: LLIV

Phycobiliprotein types: PEIII

Pigment type: high b/a

Habitat: marine

Genome sequence

Refseq record: NC_008820

Genome status: complete

Sequencing center: JCVI


  • Kettler et al., 2007. Patterns and implications of gene gain and loss in the evolution of Prochlorococcus PLoS Genet, 3, e231.

Gene Locus tag Genbank Remark Length Last change
CpeT family P9303_22311 YP_001018231.1 204 09-26-2011
CpeS-II subfamily P9303_22301 YP_001018230.1 N-term extended: MNIEQFVDQSEGTWRS added by FP 177 09-26-2011
CpeY family P9303_22321 YP_001018232.1 449 09-26-2011
CpeZ family P9303_22361 YP_001018236.1 210 09-26-2011
MpeX family P9303_22351 YP_001018235.1 315 04-20-2023
IaiH family P9303_04441 YP_001016461.1 263 10-26-2011

Model strain Model strains, Marine strains

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