Protomatch is a bioinfomatic tool that allows to scan protein sequences to find occurences of motifs (see the Protomata web site for more informations).

Here this tool can be used to scan an amino acid sequence of phycobilin lyase or any related protein (in fasta format) in order to check to which protomate of the CyanoLyase database it best matches.

Protomaton Protomaton

Select an already generated protomaton file. File size is limited to 5Mb
Selected protomaton
ProtomataScanning with all the known lyase signatures

Sequences to scan Sequences to scan

Use your own sequences

Use a public databank

FASTA format. Length is limited to 5Mb

FASTA format. File size is limited to 5Mb

The results will only contain the sequences with a score higher than this value (scores can be negative).

Scan options Scan options

Search for sequences matching only a part of the protomaton

Advanced options Advanced options

Scan only sequence with a length higher than and lower than

Handle exceptions as gaps
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