WH0003 strain


  • Prokarya
    • Cyanobacteria
      • Chroococcales
        • Crocosphaera
          • watsonii

Strain information

Phycobiliprotein types: PC+PEI

Habitat: marine

Remark: Unlike WH8501, this strain seemingly does not possess a rpcG-like gene, So Cys-82 alpha-PC likely binds PCB (or PEB?).

Genome sequence

Refseq record: AESD00000000

Genome status: unassembled contigs

Sequencing center: University of California at Santa Cruz


  • Bench et al., 2011. Two strains of Crocosphaera watsonii with highly conserved genomes are distinguished by strain-specific features Front Microbiol, 2, 261.

Showing only sure genes

Gene Locus tag Genbank Remark Length Last change
CpcS-I subfamily CWATWH0003_0565 EHJ14767.1 197 02-22-2012
CpcU-I subfamily CWATWH0003_2252 EHJ13063.1 175 02-22-2012
CpeS-I subfamily CWATWH0003_1105 EHJ14216.1 179 02-22-2012
CpcT family CWATWH0003_2153 EHJ13154.1 196 02-22-2012
CpeT family CWATWH0003_1104 EHJ14215.1 200 02-22-2012
IaiH family CWATWH0003_2056 EHJ13243.1 250 02-22-2012
NblB family CWATWH0003_3083 EHJ12197.1 219 02-22-2012
L8106_16949 homologs family CWATWH0003_1645 EHJ13671.1 377 02-22-2012
CotB family CWATWH0003_4320 EHJ10938.1 218 02-22-2012
CotB homologs 2 family CWATWH0003_2253 EHJ13064.1 213 02-22-2012
CpcF-I subfamily CWATWH0003_3385 EHJ11901.1 212 02-22-2012
CpeY family CWATWH0003_0669 EHJ14661.1 426 02-22-2012
CpeZ family CWATWH0003_0668 EHJ14660.1 204 02-22-2012

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