D9 strain


  • Prokarya
    • Cyanobacteria
      • Nostocales
        • Raphidiopsis
          • brookii

Strain information

Phycobiliprotein types: PC

Pigment type: 1

Habitat: freshwater

Genome sequence

Refseq record: NZ_ACYB00000000

Genome status: draft

Sequencing center: FLI Jena

Gene Locus tag Genbank Remark Length Last change
CpcV family CRD_01019 ZP_06304158.1 178 10-19-2011
CpcS-III subfamily CRD_00076 ZP_06303581.1 Contains a group II intron containing an orf (gi|282895443|ref|ZP_06303580.1|)
This sequence is the fusion of CRD_00076 and CRD_00074 (KHEGSTVLVTVPDLLKPGEGKLLRE added before CRD_00074)
197 11-02-2011
CpcT family CRD_00828 ZP_06303865.1 197 10-19-2011
CpcE-I subfamily CRD_01230 ZP_06304367.1 274 12-06-2011
CpcF-I subfamily CRD_01231 ZP_06304368.1 216 12-06-2011
CotB homologs 2 family CRD_00077 ZP_06303582.1 232 10-28-2011
NblB family CRD_02854 ZP_06306309.1 226 10-28-2011
IaiH family CRD_00800 ZP_06303837.1 252 11-02-2011

Model strain Model strains, Marine strains

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