Fd33 strain Model strain

Also known as: UTEX481/PCC7601


  • Prokarya
    • Cyanobacteria
      • Nostocales
        • Fremyella
          • diplosiphon (Tolypothrix sp. / Calothrix sp.)

Strain information

Phycobiliprotein types: PC+PEI

Pigment type: CA3

Habitat: freshwater

Remark: Genome sequenced but not yet accessible. So the lyase gene set is incomplete yet. Sequences reported here come from sequencing of individual genes. Fd33 is a short filament mutant of F. diplosiphon strain UTEX 481.

Genome sequence

Genome status: incomplete

Sequencing center: Human Genome Sequencing Center Houston

Showing only sure genes

Gene Locus tag Genbank Remark Length Last change
CpeT family gi|145967348|gb|ABP99030.1| ABP99030.1 207 09-26-2011
CpeY family gi|47606672|gb|AAT36318.1| AAT36318.1 429 09-26-2011
CpeZ family gi|47606673|gb|AAT36319.1| AAT36319.1 205 09-26-2011
CpeF family gi|9622258|gb|AAF89697.1| AAF89697.1 303 10-25-2011
CotB family gi|33090216|gb|AAP93903.1| AAP93903.1 219 09-26-2011
CpcE-I subfamily gi|111610620|gb|ABH11707.1| ABH11707.1 294 12-06-2011
CpcE-I subfamily gi|581258|emb|CAA30066.1| CAA30066.1 275 12-06-2011
CpcF-I subfamily gi|111610621|gb|ABH11708.1| ABH11708.1 273 12-06-2011
CpeU-I subfamily AAQ63051 AAQ63051.1 orf2 in pebAB operon. N-term shortened (14 aa removed: MKCEVSSHFIRGAV) 195 09-16-2012

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