M0880 strain


  • Eukaryota
    • Rhizaria
      • Cercozoa
        • Paulinella
          • chromatophora

Strain information

Phycobiliprotein types: PC

Pigment type: 1

Habitat: endosymbiont of amoeba

Remark: Photosynthetic endosymbiont (chromatophore) of a freshwater filose amoeba. It is genetically closest from Synechococcus sp. WH5701. Massive gene reduction (1 Mbp)

Genome sequence

Refseq record: NC_011087

Genome status: complete

Sequencing center: Leibniz Institute for Age Research


  • Nowack et al., 2008. Chromatophore genome sequence of Paulinella sheds light on acquisition of photosynthesis by eukaryotes Curr Biol, 18, 410-418.

Gene Locus tag Genbank Remark Length Last change
CpcS-II subfamily PCC_0659 YP_002049288.1 Protoscan score is not very high, but it matches CpcS-II best 198 08-30-2012
CpcU-II subfamily PCC_0138 YP_002048800.1 157 09-16-2012
CpcT family PCC_0629 YP_002049265.1 201 09-19-2012
CpcF-I subfamily PCC_0624 YP_002049260.1 224 12-05-2011
CpcE-I subfamily PCC_0625 YP_002049261.1 286 12-05-2011
IaiH family PCC_0182 YP_002048842.1 267 11-02-2011

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