CpcS-III subfamily


Classification proposed by Shen et al. (2008) and Schluchter et al. (2010). None of the strains possessing the cpcS-III gene, including all PEC-containing strains, contains a cpcU gene (see phyletic profiles). The X-ray structure of CpcS-III from Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP1 (tll1699) is available (PDB database ID: 3BDR) and was crystallized as a homodimer. CpcS-III was erroneously called CpeS1 by Zhao et al. (2007a) and Tu et al. (2008).


Phyre2 found the following protein fold for this family:



  • Saunée et al., 2008. Biogenesis of phycobiliproteins: II. CpcS-I and CpcU comprise the heterodimeric bilin lyase that attaches phycocyanobilin to Cys-82 of beta-phycocyanin and Cys-81 of allophycocyanin subunits in Synechococcus sp. PCC 7002 J Biol Chem, 283, 7513-7522.
  • Schluchter et al., 2010. Phycobiliprotein Biosynthesis in Cyanobacteria: Structure and Function of Enzymes Involved in Post-translational Modification Adv Exp Med Biol, 675, 211-228.
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  • Tu et al., 2008. Intermediate binding of phycocyanobilin to the lyase, CpeS1, and transfer to apoprotein Photosynth Res, 95, 163-168.
  • Zhao et al., 2007a. Phycobilin:cystein-84 biliprotein lyase, a near-universal lyase for cysteine-84-binding sites in cyanobacterial phycobiliproteins Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 104, 14300-14305.
  • Zhao et al., 2006. Chromophore attachment to phycobiliprotein beta-subunits: phycocyanobilin:cysteine-beta84 phycobiliprotein lyase activity of CpeS-like protein from Anabaena sp. PCC7120 J Biol Chem, 281, 8573-8581.

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Gene Locus tag Genbank Species Strain PBP in rods Pigment type Remark Length Last change
CpcS-III subfamily Mic7113_0798 YP_007120112.1 Microcoleus sp. PCC7113 PC+PEI 2 Found both CpcS-I and CpcS-III in this strain? 188 06-20-2013

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