MpeY family


Gene present in the "PEII subregion" of the "phycobilisome rod gene region" of all PEII-containing marine Synechococcus strains (Six et al. 2007). This includes WH7803 which has a single PUB, most likely located either at Cys-75 of MpeA or Cys-50/61 of MpeB (Ong & Glazer 1991). MpeY is related to MpeZ and MpeW and more distantly to CpeY. We predict that MpeY is a PEII:PEB lyase-isomerase though its exact specificity remains to be defined.


  • Six et al., 2007. Diversity and evolution of phycobilisomes in marine Synechococcus spp.: a comparative genomics study Genome Biol, 8, R259.

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Gene Locus tag Genbank Species Strain PBP in rods Pigment type Remark Length Last change

Model strain Model strains, Marine strains

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