CpeS-I subfamily


The CpeS-I from Fremyella diplosiphon strain UTEX481 was characterized as a PEB:Cys-80 beta-PE lyase (Biswas et al., 2011). This subfamily contains all PE-containing cyanobacteria outside the marine Synechococcus/Prochlorococcus branch


  • Biswas et al., 2011. Characterization of the activities of the CpeY, CpeZ, and CpeS bilin lyases in phycoerythrin biosynthesis in Fremyella diplosiphon strain UTEX 481 J Biol Chem, 286(41), 35509-21.

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Gene Locus tag Genbank Species Strain PBP in rods Pigment type Remark Length Last change
CpeS-I subfamily gi|145967347|gb|ABP99029.1| ABP99029.1 Fremyella diplosiphon (Tolypothrix sp. / Calothrix sp.) Fd33 (UTEX481/PCC7601) PC+PEI CA3 N-term shortened (6 aa removed: METKVL). C-term much longer than in other CpeS-I sequences and also includes a specific sequence at between aa 103-112. 215 09-17-2012

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