PecE family


Forms a heterodimer with PecF. The PecE/F complex attaches a PCB and isomerises it to PVB at Cys-84 of alpha-PEC.


  • Jung et al., 1995. Candidate genes for the phycoerythrocyanin alpha subunit lyase. Biochemical analysis of pecE and pecF interposon mutants J Biol Chem, 270, 12877-12884.
  • Storf et al., 2001. Chromophore attachment to biliproteins: specificity of PecE/PecF, a lyase-isomerase for the photoactive 3(1)-cys-alpha 84-phycoviolobilin chromophore of phycoerythrocyanin Biochemistry, 40, 12444-12456.
  • Zhao et al., 2000. Novel activity of a phycobiliprotein lyase: both the attachment of phycocyanobilin and the isomerization to phycoviolobilin are catalyzed by the proteins PecE and PecF encoded by the phycoerythrocyanin operon FEBS Lett, 469, sept-13.
  • Zhao et al., 2002. Characterization of phycoviolobilin phycoerythrocyanin-alpha 84-cystein-lyase-(isomerizing) from Mastigocladus laminosus Eur J Biochem, 269, 4542-4550.
  • Zhao et al., 2005. Amino acid residues associated with enzymatic activities of the isomerizing phycoviolobilin-lyase PecE/F Biochemistry, 44, 8126-8137.

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Model strain Model strains, Marine strains

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